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Barrowford Show 1998


BARROWFORD - 29 August 1998 --  A fine and fun family day.  Thousands attended the annual Barrowford Agricultural Show held on Barrowford Park again this year.  Exhibits this year included everything from bouncy castles for the children to horse trials and farm animal best-of-breed shows.  Many local charities were again represented with their individual stalls; most offering fund raising activities such as tombolas, and lucky dips (children could win a Dalmatian on one stall... no not a real one!).  Several tented areas presented displays of local schools' art & crafts and local gardeners' horticultural expertise.  A vintage car show and a display of agricultural equipment (including a large range of lawn mowers) were other parts of the show.

It was a very busy weekend in Pendle - the Great British Rhythm & Blues Festival and the Colne Street Festival were also in full swing!

Here are some pictures of the event:

Click on any picture below to see an enlargement.

Guide Dogs for the Blind

BS1998-7-40.jpg (28500 bytes)

Christies against Cancer

BS1998-8-40.jpg (27310 bytes)

More stalls & a bouncy castle

BS1998-3-40.jpg (26776 bytes)

Vintage Car Show

BS1998-4-40.jpg (19958 bytes)

One of the large bouncy castles

BS1998-1-40.jpg (23445 bytes)

Somebody not quite enjoying the ride

BS1998-6-40.jpg (27008 bytes)

BS1998-2-40.jpg (28191 bytes)

Prize winning pigs?  Cute anyway :-)

BS1998-5-40.jpg (22358 bytes)

Now THAT's a lawn mower!



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