Spring Fair 1998
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Barrowford County Primary School

Spring Fair 1998


BARROWFORD - 16 May 1998


Some Picture of the events of the day



Face Painting dcp00624.jpg (28414 bytes)
Torture by Taylor dcp00626.jpg (25918 bytes)
Don't ring that bell! dcp00609.jpg (32904 bytes)
Teddy Tombola dcp00601.jpg (33333 bytes)
ID Parade - which one did it? dcp00610.jpg (27511 bytes)
Catch a duck - a governor's game. dcp00623.jpg (28108 bytes)
Bouncy Castle dcp00596.jpg (25256 bytes)
John receives a certificate DCP00613.jpg (27897 bytes)
The Woodland is opened dcp00615.jpg (29037 bytes)
In the Woodland dcp00618.jpg (34462 bytes)
Whizzzzzzz... dcp00636.jpg (37645 bytes)
...splat!... dcp00631.jpg (21695 bytes)
  dcp00627.jpg (25700 bytes)
  dcp00616.jpg (21121 bytes)
  dcp00637.jpg (19924 bytes)
  dcp00604.jpg (21224 bytes)
A teacher after being drenched. dcp00611.jpg (21287 bytes)


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