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Colne Pubs & Clubs
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Colne Pubs & Clubs

Admiral Lord Rodney

Mill Green, Colne
P: 01282 866565

Picture of the Admiral Lord Rodney


Commercial Hotel

Skipton Road, Colne
P: 01282 867651

Picture of Commercial Hotel


Craic i th wall
(formerly Hole in the Wall)

8 Market Street, Colne
P: 01282 865195

Picture of Crac i th Wall


Crown Hotel

Albert Road, Colne
P: 01282 863580

Picture of the Crown Hotel


Derby Arms

New Market Street, Colne
P: 01282 864271

Picture of Derby Arms


Golden Ball Inn

Burnley Road, Colne
P: 01282 861862

Picture of The Golden Ball


Hare and Hounds Inn

Black Lane Ends, Skipton Old Road, Colne
P: 01282 863070

Picture of Hare and Hounds, on the old road over to Skipton.


Jolly Hatters

Windy Bank Colne
P: 01282 863259

Picture of The Jolly Hatters


Jovial Hatters

8 Windy Bank, Colne
P: 01282 868834

Picture of Jovial Hatters


Langroyd Hall

Langroyd Road, Colne
P: 01282 864024

Picture of Langroyd Hall


Morris Dancers

North Valley Road, Colne
P: 01282 856011


Picture of The Morris Dancers


North Valley Hotel

North Valley Road, Colne
P: 01282 863293

Picture of The North Valley Hotel


Red Lion

31 Market Street, Colne
P: 01282 863473

Picture of Red Lion


Shepherd's Arms

3 Church Street, Colne
P: 01282 860091

Picture of Shepherd's Arms


Tower Bar

2 Keighley Road, Colne
P: 01282 870729

Picture of Tower Bar


Union Exchange

67 Market Street, Colne
P: 01282 863261

Picture of Union Exchange



2b Keighley Road, Colne
P: 01282 871819

Picture of Zebras Nightclub - picture (c) Kris Stevens, 2000
Picture (C) Kris Stevens, 2000



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