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Pendle Action for the Countryside

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Pendle Action for the Countryside


Skylark - one of the birds most at risk.  There's at least 23 others!
Skylark - one of the birds most at risk.

The Labour MP for Pendle is supporting legislation in Parliament to enforce a "right to roam" on upland, moorland and common land at almost all times, including night time.

This legislation will feature only limited restrictions on dogs, and will not take into account any compensation for farmers whose livelihood will be affected by it.

The MP and the Government have taken no account of the accidental or deliberate hunting by dogs of wildlife, and the disturbance of ground-nesting sites by walkers will lead to the destruction of much of Pendle's wildlife heritage including many already rare species.

Make your voice heard before it is too late.

Protest to you MP now!

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Précis of a letter written by Mr. J Mellor, of Barnoldswick, in the Craven Herald, 04 August 2000.

"I can see no need whatsoever for Gordon Prentice's proposed legislation of the "right to roam" bill as there are more than adequate facilities for walking without incurring the wrath of landowners.

... my concern is with the untold damage that walkers and loose dogs can inflict on ground nesting birds, birds on migration and the flora and fauna.  An example of one such bird is the dotterel, a bird requiring an undisturbed habitat which rests in this are on its way from Africa to the Cairngorms in Scotland.

... The Craven and Pendle branch of the RSPB meets in Skipton Town Hall and gives monthly lectures and film shows throughout the winter months and the East Lancashire Ornithological Society do sterling work to inform the public of our responsibilities towards our natural heritage.

Gordon Prentice and other irresponsible Politicians should take heed and listen to the voice of reason - the people who live and work in the countryside.  Country people instinctively know conservation is paramount, they want to preserve the countryside ethos and build on the foundations laid by their forefathers."

A quotation by King George VI

"The wildlife of today is not ours to dispose of as we please.  We have it in trust and we must account for it to those who come after."


For more details of Pendle Action for the Countryside, please contact our Ho. Secretary, PO Box 319, Burnley, BB10 3GX.

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