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UK Retailers Online
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October 15, 2000

UK National Retailers Online

88 Stores Online

Here we hope to keep an up to date list of all UK national retailers (i.e. not every corner shop!) that are online... until it becomes an impossible task to manage because they're all online!  We have decided NOT to include mail order computer retailers like Dell, etc..  Eventually we will have a database that can be queried, until then it will be a simple alphabetical list.

According to a recent BBC article, "Of the UK's 100 largest retailers, 47 have web sites but only 14 of these can be used to buy goods."  Scary!  Watch out for the US invasion!

Disclaimer: Pendle.Net has no connection with any of these organizations.  Appearance here does not mean an endorsement of the company or their products.

Online Shop? Company Comments
aldi.gif (1752 bytes) Coming Soon.
Allders.gif (1133 bytes)
Allsports.gif (1511 bytes) Sports retailer
greentick.gif (987 bytes) amazon.gif (2413 bytes) Online book store.
greentick.gif (987 bytes) annsummers.gif (1735 bytes) Lingerie, etc.
greentick.gif (987 bytes) ArgosHomeLogo.gif (3303 bytes) A GUS company.
asdalogo.gif (652 bytes)
AustinReed.gif (934 bytes) Unavailable due to an extensive site update.
greentick.gif (987 bytes) AvonLogo.gif (2472 bytes) Cosmetics retailer
greentick.gif (987 bytes) babiesrus.gif (2126 bytes) Part of Toys R Us
bqlogosm.gif (1196 bytes) Online selling, except there's no delivery!  You take your printed out order to the local shop.  Part of the Kingfisher Group, plc.
beatties.gif (2550 bytes)
greentick.gif (987 bytes) Blackwells.gif (1743 bytes) Book Store.
bodyshop1.jpg (8927 bytes)
Boots.gif (2857 bytes)
BottomsUp.gif (3281 bytes) Online ordering is outsourced to Drinks Direct (part of GUS).
greentick.gif (987 bytes) brainwaves.gif (1389 bytes) A GUS company.
greentick.gif (987 bytes)
BrasDirect.gif (2746 bytes)
Excellent site for ordering Lingerie from a variety of manufacturers.  Check out their "Play Area"!  Online Only shop.
greentick.gif (987 bytes) burtons.gif (2267 bytes) Part of the Arcadia Group, plc.
c-and-a.gif (2715 bytes) Obviously in the early stages of production.
greentick.gif (987 bytes) CarphoneWarehouse.gif (3846 bytes)
greentick.gif (987 bytes) Comet.gif (1508 bytes) A wide range of consumer electrical goods for sale.  Part of the Kingfisher Group, plc.
conran.gif (846 bytes) Coming Soon.
greentick.gif (987 bytes) coop.gif (2621 bytes) The Co-Op
Costco.gif (2727 bytes)
debenhams.gif (726 bytes)
greentick.gif (987 bytes) diesel.gif (2062 bytes)
greentick.gif (987 bytes) dillons.gif (3779 bytes) Book store.
greentick.gif (987 bytes) dixons_online.gif (2547 bytes) Member of the Dixon's Group, plc.
greentick.gif (987 bytes) DandA.gif (1846 bytes) Opticians - online sale of designer sunglasses
greentick.gif (987 bytes) DorothyPerkins.gif (1718 bytes) Part of the Arcadia Group, plc.
ELC.jpg (6245 bytes) Coming Soon.
empirestores.gif (3273 bytes) Yawn.  Tedious Empire Stores site.
EntUK.gif (3468 bytes) Part of the Kingfisher Group, plc.
greentick.gif (987 bytes) Evans.gif (2610 bytes) Part of the Arcadia Group, plc.
faith.gif (11259 bytes)
greentick.gif (987 bytes) freemans.gif (1675 bytes)
Habitat Wish they had a horizontal logo! ZZzzz.
greentick.gif (987 bytes) (1713 bytes) Famous UK toy store.  The shopping is actually done at their online
greentick.gif (987 bytes) Hawkshead.gif (2984 bytes) Part of the Arcadia Group, plc.
greentick.gif (987 bytes) hmv.gif (4134 bytes)
greentick.gif (987 bytes) iceland.gif (1809 bytes) Home delivery of groceries to a large part of the UK.
ikea.gif (849 bytes) Nothing UK specific.  Part of Ikea Worldwide
greentick.gif (987 bytes) innovations.GIF (3299 bytes) A GUS company.
greentick.gif (987 bytes) jdsports.jpg (4352 bytes)
jjbsports.gif (5379 bytes) Fairly dull site.
jldeptstore.gif (2512 bytes)
A John Lewis Partnership company.
jlpartnership.gif (2163 bytes)
greentick.gif (987 bytes) kays.GIF (11215 bytes) A GUS company.
greentick.gif (987 bytes) maplin.jpg (3041 bytes)
MandSUK.gif (4106 bytes)
greentick.gif (987 bytes) mccord.gif (1506 bytes) A GUS company.
mossbros.gif (7623 bytes)
next.gif (3526 bytes)
PaulSmith.gif (1667 bytes) You need ShockWave to even get in through the door on this hyped, badly designed site!   God knows what's on the site - to many flashing images and annoying sounds.
petsathome.jpg (5149 bytes) Coming Soon.
petsmart.gif (12511 bytes) Coming Soon.
pcworld.gif (5036 bytes) Member of the Dixon's Group, plc.
greentick.gif (987 bytes) PlumbCenter.gif (1215 bytes) Online national plumbing & heating merchants.  You can order online too!
postofficecounters.gif (2371 bytes)
PoundLand.gif (6096 bytes)
powerhouse.gif (3724 bytes)
greentick.gif (987 bytes) principles.gif (568 bytes) Part of the Arcadia Group, plc.
greentick.gif (987 bytes) RacingGreen.gif (2282 bytes) Part of the Arcadia Group, plc.
Safeway.gif (1670 bytes) Snore! ZZZzzzzz.
greentick.gif (987 bytes) Sainsburys.gif (1619 bytes) Not too bad, but plenty of room for improvement.
greentick.gif (987 bytes) su.gif (4593 bytes) GUS by any other name.
greentick.gif (987 bytes) Somerfield.gif (2027 bytes) Information site and online Flowers & Gift Vouchers only.
specsavers.gif (1303 bytes) Opticians.
greentick.gif (987 bytes) sportsElite.gif (1342 bytes) A GUS company.
greentick.gif (987 bytes) Tandy.gif (7752 bytes) Consumer Electronic Retailer
Tecno.gif (4124 bytes) Photo/video retailer.
tempo.gif (2714 bytes) Electrical and computer retailer.
greentick.gif (987 bytes) Tesco.gif (2071 bytes) Recently remodeled - much better site now.
greentick.gif (987 bytes) Thresher.gif (2021 bytes) Can't get this site to work properly!  YMMV
topman.gif (3465 bytes) Part of the Arcadia Group, plc.
topshop.gif (2107 bytes) Part of the Arcadia Group, plc.
greentick.gif (987 bytes) toymaster.gif (8833 bytes)
greentick.gif (987 bytes) tru.gif (3869 bytes)
Unologo.gif (3641 bytes) Upholstery superstores
greentick.gif (987 bytes) VictoriaWines.gif (6051 bytes) Not much selection here!
Waitrose.gif (3395 bytes)
A John Lewis Partnership company.
greentick.gif (987 bytes) Waterstones.gif (2884 bytes) Book retailer.
greentick.gif (987 bytes) whsmith.jpg (3748 bytes)
iBS.jpg (8264 bytes)
cdparadise.jpg (8809 bytes)
Part of the WH Smith Group, plc.

Internet Bookshop and CD Paradise are online retailers that belong to WH Smiths.

greentick.gif (987 bytes)
WineCellar.gif (1872 bytes)
A reasonably good selection of drinks.
greentick.gif (987 bytes) woolwrth.gif (3521 bytes) Online shopping, offering a selection of toys and entertainment products.  Part of the Kingfisher Group, plc.

Note: As of August 2000 the site was taken down because of a well publicized security breach - a new improved site came back online on about 14 October 2000.



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