2003 Election Results


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2003 Local Election Results

Overall Results



Results by Ward

Elected Candidate

Name Party Votes

Barrowford Ward

Michael Brennan British National Party 482
Linda Margaret Crossley Conservative Party 565
Anthony Hargreaves Labour Party 240
Michael Anthony Simpson Liberal Democrat 535


Blacko and Higherford Ward

Shelagh Rita Derwant Conservative Party 552
Helen Ingham Labour Party 62
Carman Doris Stanworth Liberal Democrat 40


Boulsworth Ward

Michael Charles Calvert Conservative Party 493
Christine Dawson Labour Party 188
David Kenneth Foat Labour Party 160
Geoffrey Riley Conservative Party 370
David Robertson Liberal Democrat 784
Laurence Turner Liberal Democrat 625


Bradley Ward

Mohammed Jamil Munir Liberal Democrat 1208
Mohammad Sakib Labour Party 727


Brierfield Ward

Nawaz Ahmed Liberal Democrat 819
Siobhan Daniel Socialist Alliance Against the War 54
Keith Geoffry Hutson Labour Party 409
Peter Jackson Conservative Party 330


Clover Hill Ward

Mohammed Ansar Labour Party 445
Trevor Dawson British National Party 452
Michael Landriau Conservative Party 87
Kathleen Eleanor Shore Liberal Democrat 768


Coates Ward

Allan Malcolm Buck Liberal Democrat 989
Valerie Norma Langtree Conservative Party 112
Jennifer Anne Purcell Independent 114
William James Skinner (commonly known as Jim Skinner) Labour Party 176
Geoffrey Loxton Whitehead British National Party 394


Craven Ward

Marlene Hill-Crane Liberal Democrat 880
Frank Neal Labour Party 548
Barbara Watson-Davison Conservative Party 212


Earby Ward

Timothy Haigh Liberal Democrat 659
Morris Horsfield Conservative Party 822
Ruth Wilkinson Labour Party 198


Foulridge Ward

Carol Ann Belshaw Conservative Party 294
Jillian Gaynor Smith Labour Party 114
David Alexander Stopforth Liberal Democrat 66


Higham and Pendleside Ward

John Colin Nutter Conservative Party 366
Valerie Skinner Liberal Democrat 279
Shiela Wicks Labour Party 66


Horsfield Ward

Kevin Alan Bean Socialist Alliance Against the War 36
Paul Broughton Labour Party 213
Ann Marie Kerrigan Liberal Democrat 490
Peter Daniel Nowland Independent 297
Alexandra Thompson Conservative Party 135


Old Laund Booth Ward

Clive James William Bevan Conservative Party 138
John David Liberal Democrat 555


Reedley Ward

Robert Bayne Allen Labour Party 544
Tonia Barton Conservative Party 913
Shakeel Ahmed Mirza Liberal Democrat 251


Southfield Ward

Azar Ali Independent 23
Azhar Ali Labour Party 377
David William Geddes Independent 96
Sonia Robinson Liberal Democrat 833
Peter Allinson Wildman Conservative Party 138


Vivary Bridge Ward

Frank Charles Allanson Labour Party 375
James Robert Steven Farnell Conservative Party 148
Brian Norton Parker British National Party 441
Sharon Lee Robinson Liberal Democrat 502


Waterside Ward

Richard Andrew Shaw Macsween Socialist Alliance Against the War 58
Maureen Regan Conservative Party 137
Ian Raymond Robinson Liberal Democrat 515
Ian William Tweedie Labour Party 360

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