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Picture of the St Michaels's church at Bracewell.
Picture of the St Michael's church at Bracewell.

Bracewell is a small hamlet at the north of Pendle.  Henry VI (1421 - 1471) hid here (amongst other places) in his escape from the Yorkists after the Battle of Hexham in 1464.  He was eventually captured in 1465 and sent to the Tower of London until 1470.  You can still see "King Henry's Parlour" today - it's a barn.

Key Features

bullet1 King Henry's Parlour
bullet2 St Michael's Church

Places of Interest

Description Location Comments
Picture of King Henry's Parlour Directions:

Turn left up the lane after Hopwwod Hall and Farm and church.  The barn is on the right, in front of the farm, alongside a small group of houses and cottages.

2 [picture - see above] Main road through Bracewell Originally built by the Tempest family in the 11th century.  The Tempests were the lords of the manor and lived in the hall next door.  A unique, 2-staged, 14th century tower stands next to the nave.  There are still some fragments stained glass from the 14th century in some of the windows!



Barnoldswick & Bracewell Parishes Churches


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