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Picture of Newchurch.

Picture of Newchurch.  You can see "Witches Galore" a local shop specializing in Pendle Witch merchandise.

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Books on Newchurch

Newchurch, a village adjacent to Barley, at the foot of Pendle Hill.  Famous for the Pendle Witches who lived there in the 17th century.  Newchurch used to be called Goldshaw Booth.  It has seen little change over the centuries - most of the buildings look very much the same.   Jonas Moore, co-founder of the Greenwich Observatory was born here in 1618.  He also lived in Higham.  St Mary's Church at the center of the village (if you can call it a center!) is steeped in history.  It's not that easy to see from the road as it's on the downward side of a steep hill with a row of houses at the top and the local primary school to the side.   There was a chapel of ease on this site in 1250 and a later chapel was dedicated in 1544.  The tower, although restored, is the only remaining part of that building.   The current church was probably built in the 17th century, however it was only completed in 1740.  The "eye of God" is built into the west side of the tower.  To the East of the porch, up against the South wall, is the alleged grave (carved with a skull & crossbones) of Alice Nutter, one of the famous Pendle Witches.  Each year since 1949 the ancient ceremony of Rushbearing is commemorated in August.  There is a procession around the village and the new Rushbearing queen is crowned followed by a service of thanksgiving in the church.


Key Features

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Places of Interest

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1 St Mary's Church   Open daily between Easter and the end of October, and in the winter months, at weekend.  Sunday Services: 0930.  There is an occasional Evensong.


Books on Newchurch

"Newchurch-in-Pendle Folklore, Fact, Fancy, Legends, Traditions and Information: Lancashire", Clifford Byrne, Paperback (August 1982)


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