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ExPats Online!

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ExPats Online!

Links to websites run by Pendle expatriates.

If you live outside of Pendle and were born/raised/lived here please let us know and we'll put a link in to you on this page.  We hope to extend this with online community facilities at a later date.



Picture of Phil playing Guitar - copyright, Phil Shackleton, 2000

Phil Shackleton


Phil is a former pupil of Mansfield High and now lives in Germany where he works as a full time musician/entertainer.  Phil still has strong links with "home", and if all goes well, will be appearing at the ''Goodnight club", Nelson, on 28th October 2000.  Check out Phil's MP3 samples (at the bottom of the page).


Useful Internet resources for Pendle people living abroad.

bulletCall home for FREE! - check out - the quality is excellent!  This simple to use web site allows you to talk for free to any normal landline in the UK (no mobiles, no premium rate).  You can also get cheap rates to mobiles and other countries too.  All you need is a multi-media PC with headphones/microphone (or equivalent) and an Internet connection.


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