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Places to Stay

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Places to Stay in Pendle

Disabled?  See Tourism for All

See Full List of Accommodation in Pendle

(Please email to include your business here.)

FenceGateInn.jpg (26669 bytes)
The Fence Gate Inn, Fence.


MarsdenCrossInn.gif (95041 bytes)
Marsden Cross Inn, Brierfield.


OAK02LFA.jpg (32511 bytes)
The Oaks, Reedley.


yhalogo.gif (1503 bytes)
Youth Hostel in Earby.


tfalogo.gif (5863 bytes)

Want to find somewhere to stay in the UK that is accessible to everybody including people with disabilities?

Check out "EVERYBODY'S Hotel Directory"

The information in EVERYBODY'S has been researched and compiled in its entirety by Jonathan Kaye who is himself disabled and a wheelchair user, and so is well aware of the difficulties faced by travelers, and particularly those who are disabled.  Over 2000 hotels are assessed, listed, priced & indexed by location.

At the moment the only hotels around here that are rated are in Burnley.


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