Moscow meets Little Moscow!
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Moscow meets Little Moscow!

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20 Mar 1999, Cambridge, England -- Guests came from all over the world for this momentous event.  Lara, who's family live in Moscow, and Ian, who lives in Pendle, and who's family live around Cambridge, were married just after 12.00 midday at Cambridge Registry Office on Saturday, 20th March 1999.

The ceremony was attended by about 30 guests including a French General and his wife, a family from Korea and Boris, Lara's father, from Moscow.  It was a doubly significant event as this was Boris's first ever trip outside of Russia!    The reception was held at The Golden Ball in Boxworth.

Lara and Ian met via correspondence about a year ago and after visits to Moscow and England it wasn't long before they realized that they wanted to be together on a permanent basis.  In the last six months they have kept in constant contact via letters, phone calls and email.

Lara has to go back to Moscow after next week to finish her job there with the Korean firm, Samsung.  After that she will return to England and they will reside in Pendle.

You can see pictures of the event on our site here.


On the same day, the Breitling-Orbiter 3 made world history as the first hot air balloon to circumnavigate the globe!



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