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Ribchester Roman Fort

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Ribchester Roman Fort

Notice on the sde of the Roman Museum @ Ribchester

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The Fort

Ribchester (Bremetenacum Veteranorum, SD6434)

Early Flavian fort that was succeeded by a 2.7ha timber late Flavian fort. This was in turn succeeded by a stone fort early in the 2nd century that remained in use into the 4th century.  Garrisoned by Ala II Asturum (late 1st-2nd century?), Numerus equitatum Sarmatarum (2nd-3rd century?) and Cuneus Sarmatarum (3rd-4th century).

[Shotter, D. Romans and Britons in North-West England, Lancaster 1993]



Roman Bath House

Picture of the Roman bath house #1
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Picture of the Roman bath house #2
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The remains of the bath house, situated to the North-West of the fort, outside the walls.  


 BREMETENACVM VETERANORVM at - excellent site, filled with loads of great information about Roman Britain.


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