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Pendle arrives in Cyberspace

Pendle.Net Launches Internet Service for People of Pendle

PENDLE - 01 August 1998 -- The home of the The Great British R & B Festival, Pendle Witches, Wallace Hartley (the band leader of the Titanic), Marsden Building Society, SilentNight Beds, John Wilman, and many more has arrived in Cyberspace.   Pendle.Net, Pendle's own internet service provider, opened up for business today to cater for the people of Pendle and anyone wishing to reach them.

From 01 August, 1998, Pendle.Net will offer a wide range of information about Pendle and services primarily aimed at attracting tourism and business to the area.  Of equal importance Pendle.Net will be offering facilities for people living in Pendle to be able to share ideas and conversation with each other and others from anywhere in the world in the Pendle.Net Virtual Community.


Pendle is a region of East Lancashire in England set in an idyllic, green, rolling landscape within easy access of the UKs main transport systems.  It is a region steeped in history dating back to pre-historic times, yet has a vibrant and youthful culture thriving today.  Old lives happily with new in Pendle; from the ruins of Wycoller Hall (featured in Charlotte Bronte's "Jayne Eyre") to the busy hi-tech businesses of the Lomeshaye Industrial Estate, Pendle's multi-cultural population lives and works in one of the best places in England!

Virtual Community

Pendle.Net is encouraging people living in Pendle to come along and get involved with creating a virtual community.  This will be like having their own club/pub/church (substitute with whatever group turns you on) in cyberspace where discussions about anything can take place; social, special interest, business, mutual help, you name it - it's all possible.  To encourage this Pendle.Net is offering, for a limited time, FREE email addresses for anyone already connected to the Internet living in Pendle.   Addresses at,, and more are available, so, for example, Fred Bloggs (living in Pendle) could be or just   As more people make Pendle.Net their CyberHome, Pendle.Net hope to offer more and more services for the people of Pendle.  News, special offers, local reviews, competitions, and much more will become possible, the more that people get involved.


In order to help and encourage the children of Pendle to take advantage of the Internet, Pendle.Net is offering FREE Web Space and help to any school and nursery in Pendle.  The directors of Pendle.Net firmly believe that it is important that our children have the benefits of what will be an important part of their future now.


Businesses will have access to Web design, Internet Consultancy and an array of services that are behind Pendle.Net.  They will also have an opportunity to keep up to date with what's happening in Pendle, what the people of Pendle need; in effect a narrowly targeted marketing opportunity. offers a variety of opportunities for businesses to reach a clearly defined and targeted population; although personal data held by Pendle.Net will not be divulged, demographic data will be available.   So businesses will be able on one hand to reach out from Pendle.Net, and on the other to reach in.

About Pendle.Net

Pendle.Net is a company set up in Pendle for the people of Pendle and those wishing to make contact with them.  It was set up in 1998 by Andrew and Faith Stringer who have many years experience in the Internet and education, respectively.  The site was designed by Stringer Communications International, Ltd. who have been involved in the creation of corporate networks and intranets since the beginning of 1995.  Pendle.Net is located on the Web at



For More Information Contact:

Andrew Stringer
Pendle.Net Ltd.
Stringer House, Hill Top, Winewall, Colne, BB8 8BT, UK
Tel: n/a (or for immediate action, call Andrew Stringer on 0973 502666)
FAX: +44 870 133 5460

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