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Web Changes on Pendle.Net

This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.

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19 August 2004

  1. Corrected link to story about Christiane in Lancs Evening Telegraph's defective archiving system.
  2. Additions and changes to shops on Barrowford page.

18 August 2004

  1. Added picture and request for info on Christiane Roper, missing since 23 June 2004, to front page.  Call 01282 425001 (Nelson Police) if you have any info on her whereabouts.
  2. Lancashire Evening News (17Aug2004) reported Christiane was found in London.

31 July 2004

  1. Added White Lea Head Club to Trawden Pubs page.

29 July 2004

  1. Updated the demise of The Herders on Trawden Pubs page.
  2. Added GIRLzWORLD to business and Barnoldswick pages
  3. Added Wendy Walsh's excellent site to personal, Barnoldswick and business pages.
  4. Added Dr Feelgood Beverages to business pages.

23 July 2004

  1. Added Trawden Online and Trawden Agricultural Show links to Trawden page.

04 July 2004

  1. Many corrections to info made over the previous month.
  2. Added accommodation entry for Rowan House.
  3. Added link for Blackpool Hotels.
  4. Added link for Manchester Airport Guide.

07 May 2004

  1. Link to Pendle Christian Resources Centre.

01 May 2004

  1. Barnoldswick page updated.
  2. Added Coates Lane School site to Schools page.
  3. Updated links on Personal Sites page to Stephen Taylorforth's site and Barry Lynch's site.
  4. Link to BurnleyWeb on other links page - a forum for discussions on Burnley & Pendle.

20 April 2004

  1. New page listing sites that we host on Pendle.Net.
  2. New Sites are:
    Life's A Peach - Life Insurance For less
    Travis Yates - Independent Financial Advise - cheap mortgages
    Dentistry4All - local, award-winning, NHS dental practice
    Bradley Nursery School - local, first-rate preschool education
    AW Engineering - for your VW engine reconditioning

24 March 2004

  1. Dentistry For All in Nelson goes online - link on Healthcare Links page.
  2. Added links to Central Gospel Mission and St Mary's Kelbrook on the Churches page.

07 March 2004

  1. Info on Barlick Unplugged on Barnoldswick page.

05 March 2004

  1. More updates to Barrowford page, including a virtual tour courtesy of BBC Lancashire, details on St Thomas' School and more shops.

04 March 2004

  1. More updates to Barrowford page.

03 March 2004

  1. Updated Barrowford page - added shops and details about Macgregor Europe.
  2. Added link to Kelbrook Fisheries on Kelbrook page.
  3. Interesting: Pendle Borough Council just registered PendleLife.com and PendleLife.net today!

16 November 2003

  1. Added Admergill Hall Farm to list of accommodation.
  2. Added link to Pendle Gilbert & Sullivan Society site.
  3. Updated info on "pack and go" tours of Pendle Hill.

12 November 2003

  1. Fred Stringer's Book "They Are Not Forgotten" published yesterday.  You can buy it online now.

25 August 2003

  1. Link to Pendle Hippodrome Theatre site on Drama In Pendle page.

05 August 2003

  1. Link to Pendle Forest Cycling Club on Clubs pages.

28 July 2003

  1. Link to Union Football Club on Sports & Clubs pages.
  2. Foulridge Canal Cruises web site now alive again.

22 June 2003

  1. Article on Local Dental Practice wins National Awards - with pictures.

21 June 2003

  1. New picture on this page - Gordon Prentice, MP, visits award winning dental practice in Nelson.  Story to follow.
  2. Altered link to Pack and Go, Pendle Hill Center, and added a picture on Pendle Hill page.

06 June 2003

  1. Restaurant review of Zio Ristorante, Barrowford.
  2. Picture of Zio Ristorante.

04 June 2003

  1. New info on the Police Seige on Scotland Road.
  2. Changes to Barrowford page (deleted old info, added Rood & Zio)
  3. Added picture of Rood to Barrowford Pubs page.
  4. New picture of/in Barrowford.

30 May 2003

  1. News Story: Police siege on Shop on Scotland Road.

21 May 2003

  1. Change to Mill Shops page - modified Boundary Mill and Barden Mill entries.

19 May 2003

  1. Added a list of local Estate Agents under Accommodation (as requested by a site visitor).

15 May 2003

  1. New website & Ofsted Report for Bradley Nursery School.

04 May 2003

  1. 2003 Local Election Results (by ward).
  2. Added link to results on political links page.
  3. Links to Coldwell Activity Centre on Outdoor Pursuits and Accommodation pages.
  4. Link to Pendle Community Network and EMBA on NGO page.
  5. Link to Colne & District Credit Union on "other" links pages.

03 May 2003

  1. New Music in Pendle page.
  2. Link to Tim Rishton's site added on Kelbrook and Music pages.
  3. Correction & minor alterations on Regional Information page.

30 April 2003

  1. Advert for Trawden Agricultural Show
  2. Trawden Forrest Parish Council link.

29 April 2003

  1. New photos, information and link on Ribchester Roman Museum.

22 April 2003

  1. Some minor corrections to the Wallace Hartley page.
  2. Added links to pages on Titanic Titanic, a site about... guess what!

15 April 2003

  1. Added link to National Society for Epilepsy on the Useful Info page.
  2. Added new "picture in Pendle".
  3. New link for Pendle Community Church.
  4. Updated accommodation list: new prices, more website links & email addresses.
  5. New info on Earby Lead Mining Museum.
  6. New Links section in Wycoller.
  7. Mention of Pack & Go, a company that organizes walking tours in places like Pendle Hill.

13 April 2003

  1. Added details of Neil Whalley's slide show about Pendle Hill.

08 April 2003

  1. Anti-war demo picture taken off front page.
  2. Link to Al Jazeera in English added to front page now that its back up.

07 April 2003

  1. Picture of the tea-room at Noggarth Top.
  2. New pictures of Nelson.
  3. Updated links on Churches page.
  4. Updated link on Brierfield page.

29 March 2003

  1. Updated links to changed addresses (yet again!) for Nelson Leader, Colne Times, and Barnoldswick & Earby Times.

25 March 2003

  1. New High School links.

24 March 2003

  1. New email address for Gordon Prentice, MP.
  2. Added three news sources for the current situation in Iraq above the picture on the front page:  UK, Arab/Muslim, USA

22 March 2003

  1. One of the No War protest pictures appears on the BBC news website.

22 March 2003

  1. More email addresses removed and corrections to text made.
  2. Welcome to the DoD (Marines) to our NoWar pictures :-)

21 March 2003

  1. Changed the "Designed by" from "Stringer Communications International, Ltd." to "Andrew Stringer" as this site now has nothing to do with this business.
  2. Started to remove all "mailto:" email addresses from the site as the volume of spam coming via spamdexing robots is colossal!

20 March 2003

  1. Pendle Against the War - exclusive pictures from the demonstration outside Nelson & Colne College.

19 March 2003

  1. Pendle & Burnley Branch of Lancs Family History Society and Pendle Paddlers links on clubs page.
  2. Pendle Socialist Alliance link on Politics page.
  3. Updated links on Pendle Witches page.
  4. Added link to Susan Eldridge's "Back to the Past" in personal pages.
  5. Added link to Churches in East Lancs in churches.
  6. Added photo of St Thomas' old church in Barrowford.

18 March 2003

  1. Lots of tidying up on pages such as: churches, clubs, Indian Recipes, personal pages.  Its a start - plenty more to go.

14 March 2003

  1. New web site for St Anne's Church in Fence.
  2. Also new picture of St Anne's Church.
  3. New "Welcome to you in [country]" message (above) - the "Welcome/Hello" appears in different languages dependant on which country you're viewing Pendle.net from.

13 March 2003

  1. Corrected address for the mosque in Nelson.

10 March 2003

  1. Complete update of Useful Contacts information - over the past two years almost all addresses and phone numbers had become obsolete!
  2. "Bach for all" concert at St Anne's Church, Fence - this Wednesday 12Mar2003 - there's still some tickets left.

03 March 2003

  1. MAJOR changes to the Pendle.Net infrastructure took place in February.  We now have a new server based in the UK with many enhanced capabilities.
  2. Pendle.Net is consistently getting well over 1000 unique page hits per day.  We can now gather much better statistics and will be updating the site in order to help people find things better.
  3. The site search engine changed from the largely redundant and infrequently maintained whatuseek.com to use google.com - you might not have noticed it, but try it out!
  4. There's a new (404) error page for pages that are not found on the site.  We'll be updating this page later to help folks find what they're looking for. (Click her to try it.)
  5. Various minor fixes to erroneous links spotted in the log files have been fixed.
  6. The Borderline Theatre website is temporarily offline but will be back soon.
  7. What's On pages are now being updated again.
  8. Added Islamic News section to Kashmir News Links page.

14 November 2002

  1. Free shipping at our Amazon affiliate shop - books, CDs, DVDs, electronic goods, and much more.
  2. Change to Walton High Alumni link.
  3. Updated Aurora Computer Solutions link.

08 October 2002

  1. New information on Barrowford Primary School including a link to their new website and the Year 6 visit to Whitehough Camp School last week.

27 September 2002

  1. New Forest of Bowland site with lots of info for tourists & locals.

24 September 2002

  1. Rock Hotel renamed Trawden Arms.

15 September 2002

  1. Updates and a general tidy up will now recommence on a regular basis now that I am back from SE Asia!


12 November 2001

  1. Corrections to the list of Pendle Councilors - thanks to one of them for pointing out my omission/errors!


31 October 2001

  1. Changes to Churches in Pendle - one link deleted, link to Barnoldswick & Bracewell Parishes Churches added, Colne Parish Church link corrected.

  2. Added link to Barnoldswick & Bracewell Parishes Churches on  Bracewell pages.

  3. Modified/Added link to Trawden Forest Primary School on Schools and Trawden pages.

  4. Added link to official Barrowford Primary School site.

  5. Infrequent updates because I'm currently accessing the internet on the end of a piece of string in SE Asia!


30 April 2001

  1. New Pendle Youth Orchestra Site, also see their performance this month.

  2. New URL for Barnoldswick Parish Website

  3. New website for the Hargreaves Arms pub in Laneshawbridge.

  4. New Businesses: Ace Group, KoolKatz Karaoke.

  5. Earby Ranch new site.


15 March 2001

  1. Huge delay in updates due to business outside of the country.  Sorry!

  2. Two new Restaurant Reviews - Black Bull and Carlos.

  3. More backlogged updates will follow during this week and next.


23 January 2001

  1. Substantial update of What's On in 2001.


21 January 2001

  1. Pendle Council now online! - link on our government & politics page.

  2. page started on Pendle's twin town in Germany: Marl

  3. Personal Page

  4. Four new businesses online (Abstract Decor, First Tunnels, LBS Group, and Tenerife Connection)

  5. 2000 "What's New" archived.

  6. Barrowford School and Walton Lane Nursery pages "sanitized" of any identifying names, other than the headteachers' - broadly in line with the DFEE .


12 January 2001

  1. Another business online in Pendle.


11 January 2001

  1. Updated phone number on Leisure Services in Pendle page.

  2. Added latest 2000 DFEE reports to schools page.

  3. Added latest (and missing) Ofsted reports.

  4. Added new Ofsted report for Lancashire LEA.


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