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What was New in 2000

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Web Changes on Pendle.Net

This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.

See previous years: 1998 | 1999


31 December 2000

  1. Happy New Year from all of us at Pendle.Net!

  2. Some changes to business URLs.

  3. Updated "Whatson" for 2001.


18 November 2000

  1. Gordon Prentice, MP visits Barrowford Primary School - read about it here.

  2. Link to, and email address for, Forest Inn's new web site.


15 November 2000

  1. Section for NGO and political activist groups in Pendle.

  2. Pendle Action for the Countryside

  3. Email address for Crown Hotel added.

  4. Updated links on news media in Pendle page.


12 November 2000

  1. Review of the Cross Gaits Inn restaurant.


11 November 2000

  1. Added the Crown Hotel to Pubs in Colne.


10 November 2000

  1. Three new business sites online - Farnworth Watson, Heritage Garden Sheds, and M&C Pine Centre.

  2. Overhaul (long overdue) of images in business pages - now reduced in size, and hence download time.

  3. Lamberts Mill Shops added to millshop page.


07 November 2000

  1. Pakistan News links now have their own page - more links to news sites from Pakistan added, also new Urdu, Magazine and Kashmir sections created.


05 November 2000

  1. Section on Soccer Clubs in Pendle added.

  2. Link to Barnoldswick Barons FC and Ghyll Golf Club added to Sport, clubs and Barnoldswick.


04 November 2000

  1. Apologies to all trying access our domains over the past 36 hours - there was a major incident upstream from our ISP (for the technically minded: an  OC48 was damaged at Ameritech) that severed the connection to thousands of domains, including Pendle.Net.  This also affected incoming mail which should only have been delayed and not lost.

  2. New web site on Embsay and Bolton Abbey Steam Railway is online.

  3. New Barnoldswick Cricket Club site listed on Sport and on Barnoldswick Links.

  4. New Barry Lynch's Personal Site listed on Personal Links and Barnoldswick Links.


29 October 2000

  1. Info on events at The Bull - Nelson.


25 October 2000

  1. The mystery of the "Quaker House" in Barnoldswick is explained!


24 October 2000

  1. Picture of Zebras Nightclub on Colne Pubs & Clubs page.

  2. Links to two new pub websites in Colne - Morris Dancers and Tower Bar (still under construction) added.


21 October 2000

  1. Picture of the waterfall at Roughlee in Pendle in Pictures.

  2. Picture of Roughlee Primary School added to Pictures of Roughlee.

  3. Added picture of "The Derby" to Pubs in Nelson.

  4. New business online in Pendle.

  5. New "Witches Galore" website listed on the Pendle Witches page and in our business section.

  6. New Personal Site.

  7. New Club online.

  8. New link to site on Quaker and Pendle Hill pages.

  9. More info about Pendle Councilors.


20 October 2000

  1. Contact details of elected councilors in Pendle.

  2. New business online in Pendle.


19 October 2000

  1. Picture of Pub in Nelson (Great Marsden).

  2. New pictures of the Quaker graveyard above Trawden.

  3. New picture in Winewall in Pictures.

  4. New picture of Roughlee.

  5. New picture in Salterforth.

  6. New picture of Pendle Hill.


18 October 2000

  1. More pictures of pubs in Pendle:

  2. Added picture of Jade Palace to Sarah Steven's review.

  3. This Week! - Don't forget to see the unforgettable Macbeth by the Borderline Theatre Company!


16 October 2000

  1. New page of Pendle in Pictures - selection of the best views/scenes from Pendle.

  2. New pictures of the old Inghamite Chapel in Winewall in Pictures.

  3. A couple of pictures of the Quaker House in Barnoldswick in Pictures.

  4. New link to Pendle Voice - "talking newspaper" for the visually impaired in Pendle.


15 October 2000

  1. New pictures of Pubs in Barley, Nelson & Roughlee.

  2. Phone number added for Coffee Culture.

  3. Picture of K. Melling Studio in Pictures of Wheatley Lane.


13 October 2000

  1. New pictures of Pubs in Brierfield, Nelson, and  Wheatley Lane.

  2. Updated What's On This Year and This Month.


12 October 2000

  1. Pictures of Pubs in Fence and Wheatley Lane.
  2. New pictures of Wheatley Lane Inghamite Church.
  3. Some text about the pubs in Laneshawbridge - a start on the Pubs/Clubs feature.

08 October 2000

  1. Removed the banner from the bottom of the main page - their site hasn't been updated for months.  It's still on the Politics page. 

07 October 2000

  1. Pendle Heritage Centre now has a site!
  2. Contact details, including a new website, for Lomeshaye Marsh  added.
  3. Updates to most pubs & clubs pages.
  4. Another new personal page.
  5. Proving that the people of Barnoldswick are the most wired in Pendle - more sites in Barlick!

04 October 2000

  1. More pictures of pubs in Colne added.
  2. Pubs & Clubs in Laneshawbridge.
  3. Pubs & Clubs in Trawden.
  4. Pubs & Clubs in Winewall (all one of them!)
  5. Added picture The Rising Sun in Blacko.
  6. Correction to bad link for Drury Tea &  Coffee Company on review of Coffee Culture.
  7. New personal page in Barnoldswick.

03 October 2000

  1. More pictures of pubs in Colne added - text should follow in a week or so.
  2. What's on in November and December filled in.

02 October 2000

  1. Added site in Barley (already in Accommodation).
  2. New Healthcare site.
  3. New Business in Pendle.
  4. New Club in Barnoldswick.
  5. Two new Personal sites.
  6. Enhanced point & click on North West map.
  7. Updated What's On pages.
  8. Lots of small structural changes to top bar navigation.

30 September 2000

  1. Added a Site Map to help with navigation and search engine listing.
  2. New site in Barnoldswick.

29 September 2000

  1. Review of Coffee Culture in Barrowford.
  2. Key to interpreting restaurant review scores.
  3. New personal page from Nomar Racing, a horse syndicate in Barnoldswick.  (Also listed on Clubs & Societies page)
  4. Note to say that Sanderson's Dance is offline at the moment.

28 September 2000

  1. New Business in Pendle.
  2. New Personal page.
  3. New link in Barley.

25 September 2000

  1. Picture of the Year 2000 mural in Colne.
  2. New picture of the plaque on Colne Parish Church page.
  3. Picture of Earby Lead Mining Museum on the Earby Page and more on Earby in Pictures.
  4. Started section on Pubs & Clubs in Blacko.
  5. Started section on Pubs & Clubs in Colne.
  6. New Foulridge in Pictures started. 

24 September 2000

  1. Overhaul of regional information internal data topology to accommodate future expansion more easily.  Many pages now have new addresses, but the old ones will advise and automatically redirect to these.
  2. New Barrowford in Pictures and Wycoller in Pictures - start of a series for each area of Pendle.
  3. New pictures of pubs/clubs in Barrowford.
  4. New business (KaleidoWeb) in Pendle.
  5. New club site: PendleWriters.
  6. Updated MillShops page.

23 September 2000

  1. Pictures added to Leisure Services in Pendle.
  2. New business (Khans) in Pendle.
  3. New personal site: StitchInTime.

19 September 2000

  1. Leisure Services in Pendle.
  2. Picture added to Camelot page.
  3. New website address for Colne Cricket Club.

15 September 2000

  1. Petrol! - where to find it in Pendle during the crisis.
  2. New site for accommodation in Pendle.

14 September 2000

  1. New picture of Laneshawbridge.
  2. New, updated website for Zebras Nightclub in Colne.

13 September 2000

  1. Some details of pubs & clubs in Barrowford - more to be added over time.
  2. Two new businesses online in Pendle - Kelbrooks and Presentation.

07 September 2000

  1. Started to add some more info on Pendle Hill.
  2. New business online in Pendle.

06 September 2000

  1. Gordon Prentice, MP now has a web site (it's a start so be patient with him!) - linked from our politics in Pendle page.

28 August 2000

  1. New Healthcare sites in Pendle.

25 August 2000

  1. Pictures from Barrowford Show 2000 (on 20th Aug)

24 August 2000

  1. Varaly has a new page on the latest goings on at the Swinden Allotments - check it out before it happens to you!

13 August 2000

  1. New Business online.
  2. New personal page on Barrowford.

06 August 2000

  1. Colne Cricket Club now online.
  2. David C. Lyons - Local artist now online.  Some fantastic pictures of the area!

18 July 2000

  1. You can now buy books, videos, DVDs, software and computer games from our shop (in association with Amazon UK)
  2. We're trying to get some discussion about Pendle started over at Egroups - please come along and join in - its FREE!
  3. New company and dance studios online.

26 June 2000

  1. James Sanderson's personal site added.
  2. Go and see Chicken Run this weekend!
  3. Check out how Pendle Expats can phone home for FREE!

23 June 2000

  1. Internet News Today: "Chickens go in, pies come owt" - a mini-review of the new film Chicken Run, and how to send money via email!

22 June 2000

  1. Latest updates for Pendle Young People's Theatre - they're last production: Female Navigator.
  2. More, after a long pause, from the Net - a New York flavor this time!  Also: see how they're a kickin' and screamin', join the selfish revolution and free phone calls to the UK!

09 June 2000

  1. Pendle ExPats Online!  If you're from Pendle but now live elsewhere, this is for you.

05 June 2000

  1. Where do we begin! - the longest break in Pendle.Net's history.  Many technical and resource problems, now fixed.  We're still catching up on the backlog!
  2. Read Sarah Stephens' new restaurant review of Jade Palace, Earby.
  3. New local band listed in Entertainment.
  4. New businesses online in Pendle.
  5. Coming soon - a page for Pendle ex-pats!

01 April 2000

  1. New Genealogy service available to help trace ancestors in Pendle.
  2. Health & Social Services Report on their trip to Kashmir last year.
  3. Start of a new page on Creil - Pendle's French twin town.
  4. New Colne Church Bellringers site.
  5. New Pub site in Colne (North Valley).
  6. Slight redesign of front page.  Mission Statement now on the About Pendle page.

12 March 2000

  1. Promising new school website in Pendle -  Gibfield.
  2. New Personal Pages of people in Pendle.

05 March 2000

  1. How Pendle Hill got it's name - response to an email enquiry.
  2. More online businesses.
  3. Lot's of things happening this month in Pendle!
  4. Several new sites have joined the Pendle Online Webring in the last couple of weeks.

26 February 2000

  1. Our web server stats show we have been getting 596 unique visitors a day this year!  The Pendle.Net home page gets the largest number of hits.  Walton Lane Nursery and our page on UK Retailers Online also get large numbers. 
  2. New businesses online.  Several Pendle businesses have also been marked as offline.
  3. Changes to Spen Brook page.
  4. More sites added to the Pendle Online Webring.
  5. Several minor alterations and corrections around the site.

14 February 2000

  1. Borderline Theatre Company production of "Borderlines" - this week.
  2. Pendle Young People's Theatre - news update.

13 February 2000

  1. More info on the Colne page.
  2. Updated Useful Information page.
  3. Several more links to sites in Pendle.

07 February 2000

  1. Reports from the visit to Kashmir in February 1999.
  2. New Accommodation Web site.

28 January 2000

  1. New, improved search engine for Pendle.Net.
  2. New Pendle Epinions Community - join in and have your say.
  3. New Churches in Pendle page.

23 January 2000

  1. We started updating the Wallace Hartley page(s) today.  Now includes a family tree, for all the genealogists!
  2. There's a new nightclub online in Pendle!
  3. Several new businesses online - we're in the process of reorganizing the business directory as it has become too unwieldy to use.

07 January 2000

  1. More school reports and 1999 results tables.
  2. Many small additions and alterations that have stacked up since before Xmas.


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