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What was New in 1999
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What was New in 1999

Web Changes on Pendle.Net - 1999

This is a log of the changes made in 1999.


19 December 1999

  1. Internet Today: Woolies Online and Our Price Offline, Laundry Online, and BT Finally Gets a Clue!
  2. Walton Nursery Xmas concert photos.
  3. Barrowford Primary School Xmas Play (Year 3 & 4) photos.

03 December 1999

  1. Internet Today: E-shopping for Toys, is BT killing the Net?, and watch those emails!
  2. Lots of new events for December.

30 November 1999

  1. New Section - Views & Opinions.  Have your say on Pendle life.  Tell the world about your views and opinions!
  2. First Opinion - whether to shop at ASDA or Morrisons.

29 November 1999

  1. Internet Today: Comdex/Fall '99 Special.

28 November 1999

  1. Internet Today: Phone the US for free, Woolies on the Web?, BA gets personal.
  2. Borderline Theatre Group News
  3. Pendle Young People's Theatre News
  4. Lots of corrections and small additions around the site.

11 November 1999

  1. New page of phone directories from around the world.
  2. Several corrections around the site in response to feedback.

02 November 1999

  1. You can now buy CDs at discount prices via Pendle.Net!
  2. New site about Haworth (Attractions on our doorstep).

24 October 1999

  1. 4 new online businesses in Pendle.
  2. Many corrections and small changes around the site.

20 October 1999

  1. Starting Tonight: Our Country's Good - Pendle Borderline Theatre Company.
  2. New Barnoldswick Site.

13 October 1999

  1. Two exciting things on Internet Today: give to charity with the new Care4Free ISP, and how your opinion can count.
  2. New web site on Coarse Fishing in Pendle.
  3. New web site on Barley Chapel.

09 October 1999

  1. New page on Lomeshaye Marsh - Local Nature Reserve.
  2. Updated What's On pages - e.g. This Month

04 October 1999

  1. New website for Bancroft Mill Engine in Barnoldswick.

02 October 1999

  1. Pendle Civic Players are now Pendle Borderline Theatre Company - new material on their site as well as name changes (the old URLs still work).
  2. Latest October events.

09 September 1999

  1. Internet Today: 99 on 9/9/99, the diameter of the web is 19, put your photos on the web, new silicon film, UK wide food delivery, Argos TV fiasco, and the NSA shoots its own foot!
  2. Several changes to many of the sites on our doorstep.

08 September 1999

  1. Links to SkiptonWeb and BowlandNet added - well worth visiting.
  2. We're keeping track of nearby sites that are like Pendle.Net on our Links page.
  3. Link to Pendle Opera on the Drama In Pendle Page.
  4. It's open season on registering domains with Pendle in them -, and have all been registered in the last month!

06 September 1999

  1. More regular updates are back now that the Colne Blues Festival is over.  We think the site went quite well - we had 322 unique visitors during the festival giving us on average 342 page hits per day!  Full stats will be published on the site soon.
  2. Trawden Primary School link added.
  3. Some site tidying up has taken place.

16 August 1999

  1. Come along to Barrowford Show, 28 Aug 1999, PM in Barrowford Park.

03 August 1999

  1. Internet Today:  A Telecoms Revolution, listening to unsigned bands, UK home Net use soars, and a new government consumer advise site.

02 August 1999

  1. New Genealogy resource for Hartleys
  2. 5 New businesses listed online in Pendle.
  3. Full line up for the Colne Blues Festival was published at weekend.

28 July 1999

  1. Internet Today:  UK government bozos, how to stick anything, and the incredible robot home helper!
  2. More accommodation in Pendle.
  3. Two new clubs online in the Clubs Links page.
  4. Many small changes to the regional pages - mainly to help the search engines.

22 July 1999

  1. Internet Today:  Online shopping to double, are there tough times ahead for old media?, all about speed traps and a dummy's guide to gadgets.

15 July 1999

  1. Internet Today:  now you can earn while you surf, making a real stink, all you need to know about UK law, and getting an e-commerce Passport.

08 July 1999

  1. Internet Today:  now 1.2 billion web pages, are we creating an Internet ghetto?, Net revenue for local news media, Dixons to sell a Net PC for £200!, and for that Net Fridge...
  2. Updates to Pendle Civic Players News page
  3. Updates to Pendle Young People's Theatre News page.
  4. Many small corrections and additions all over the place.

05 July 1999

  1. Internet Today: The Net's getting faster and ¿Habla usted el español?, the future of local news on the Net and how about asking Tony?.

20 June 1999

  1. New feature: See the local news from 4 papers.
  2. Changes to Dawson Peters Page.
  3. Apologies for the lack of updates we have had a persistent problem with uploading to our server.

07 June 1999

  1. A comprehensive (though not complete) list of accommodation available in Pendle.

03 June 1999

  1. Internet TodayBT's unimpressive "free" ISP (cost - £11.50/month), European Telecoms Boycott on Sunday, Shootout on the Cyber Frontier and how to arrange a funeral online!
  2. Added links to sites about the Brontes and Haworth.   Added link to Yorkshire Dales.

31 May 1999

  1. Pictures from Pendle Civic Players Skool Daze.
  2. More detailed info on just who's visiting Pendle.Net
  3. Don't forget it's Phone Number Change Day on 1st June 1999!  (Don't worry, we have until April 2000 to change them.)

24 May 1999

  1. Internet TodayBT's new (unannounced) online services, Big Brother show us a bit more, and careful with those emails!
  2. Link to the new Online BT Directory Enquiries site is on the useful contacts page.

23 May 1999

  1. Pictures from the Barrowford Primary School Spring Fair held on Saturday.
  2. Addition of info on Wavelengths in Nelson.

20 May 1999

  1. More updates to the MI6 List on the Net story.
  2. Another review of Pendle Civic Players' Skool Daze.

19 May 1999

  1. New site feature - you can see the headline news from the Guardian and other sources, including internet and e-commerce news.  There's a link at the top of the front page, one on the News page and one on the Today's News page.  The Headline News page is updated several times a day.
  2. Pendle Civic Players announce their AGM.

18 May 1999

  1. Updates to Kids Links page, Genealogy page and Lancashire page.

17 May 1999

  1. Internet TodayIs there life out there?, free web hosting from Freeserve, Hushmail, Iraq's 1st online newspaper, send your voice mail to email, and a new version of Netscape is released.
  2. Updates to the Spies on the Internet story.
  3. Reviews of the truly splendid production of Skool Daze are being mailed to us.  We'll have more of them online tomorrow.

14 May 1999

  1. New edition of Lancs Family Magazine should hitting the schools today.  Watch out for our article on Unusual and Interesting Things for Kids on the Internet.
  2. Updates to the Spies on the Internet story.

13 May 1999

  1. Internet Today:  Has the UK Government Overreacted to the "List of SIS Agents" on the Net?

12 May 1999

  1. Internet Today:  Has AOL goofed again?, will we see Easy Everything soon?, online grocery shopping across the US, and one man's online war diary from Serbia.
  2. Don't forget Skool Daze starts tonight!
  3. New business online in Pendle.
  4. Some tidying up in the News pages.

11 May 1999

  1. Internet Today: Is this the end of US encryption laws?, you ARE being watched, the new Learning Curve, and loads of freebies here!
  2. Update to Quakers page.

06 May 1999

  1. Internet Today: New wave of Free ISPs, new search engines, designing for the disabled, why we NEED strong encryption, raise money for Cystic Fibrosis, and listen to what irate computer users are saying.
  2. Photos from rehearsals of Pendle Civic Players' latest production: Skool Daze.
  3. Check out the latest updates to the Great British Rhythm & Blues Festival - 10th Anniversary!

29 April 1999

  1. Pendle Civic Players poster for their latest production: Skool Daze.  Make sure you go along and see just what education in "Blair's Britain" is like today.

27 April 1999

  1. Internet Today:  Is the BBC Webwise?, a new revolutionary radio technology, listen to the US police - live,  another wake-up call for British businesses!, and France gets its first free ISP.
  2. Changes to the Pendle Civic Players pages.
  3. Lots more in May What's On in Pendle.

20 April 1999

  1. Picture of Lord Kitchener's "Pendle Men, Our Country Needs You"

    Our Country needs you!  Special Request: Any men interested in taking part in the next Civic Players production, "Our Country's Good" please contact - more information will follow on their site.

  2. Internet Today:  Now you can be connected in the air, is Freeserve suing AOL?, how about a virtual autopsy?, the state of the Net today, have your say in US National Security!, embarrassment for accountants, and see the news in Jive!
  3. Details on the History of Pendle page.
  4. More material on the Newchurch and Colne pages.

13 April 1999

  1. Internet TodayAl Gore for president?, another new MP3 player, the Net helps save a child's life, and how the US is spying on us all!

10 April 1999

  1. Internet Today:  See the live NASA Star Trails tonight!, the failure of banner ads, fast UK internet access, RFC is 30 this week, is copyright dead?, see how EasyJet is an Internet success, MS Office97 privacy patch, and cool site today.
  2. New page for Bradford, part of the "attractions on our doorstep" series.
  3. New restaurant review of The Sun Inn at Trawden, by Geoff Buck.

07 April 1999

  1. New Privacy Statement.
  2. Wallace Hartley page reformatted for slightly easier reading & printing.

02 April 1999

  1. Internet News Today - suspected Melissa author caught, and independent Serbia off the air.
  2. Have a good Easter!

01 April 1999

  1. Internet News Today - now 50% web users are women, IBM takes privacy lead, war in Cyberspace, a new MP3 player from the UK, and a little piece for you anoraks!
  2. This month we are starting a redesign of the whole site to make it more usable for disabled people in accordance with the latest W3C specifications.  See our design page for details.

30 March 1999

  1. Internet News Today - Why the UK is #1 in Europe, silly laws from around the world, and how to Get a Clue!.
  2. New Y2K News update page.

28 March 1999

  1. Internet News Today - worrying UK legal precedent, new fast spreading email virus, and the ultimate in online recipe books!.
  2. Updates to yesterday's Kosovo in the Net page.

27 March 1999

  1. Internet News Today - Special Kosovo Feature: B92 Radio, Email News from Kosovo, History version #1, History version #2, A Royal Family's View, International News coverage and links to Kosovan Independence sites.
  2. Several more free ISPs announced this week.  Details later: include, EGG, WH Smiths, Waterstones, HMV, and more.

23 March 1999

  1. Our Year 2000 page is live today - we hope to bring you information about developments regarding the "millennium bug".  This page is brought in conjunction with Lancashire Family Magazine, Spring 1999 (page #4).  Watch out for updates to this page coming soon.
  2. Photograph and information about Pendle Mosque on the Nelson page.
  3. Farnworth and Watson Solicitors (hosted by  Pendle.Net two days ago) now listed in the Pendle Online Businesses pages.
  4. We offer our apologies to anyone receiving mail in any of our domains - one of our upstream mail providers has had major hardware problems causing delays.

22 March 1999

  1. New Search feature on the Search Page - search for businesses (on/offline) in Pendle.
  2. New Statistic finding service on the Statistics Page - find out about house prices in Pendle, for example.

21 March 1999

  1. Please welcome Farnworth and Watson Solicitors to Pendle.Net - the first online solicitors in Pendle!
  2. We at Pendle.Net would also like to offer our congratulations to Lara and Ian Smith - married on Saturday!  See news & photos of the event.
  3. More online businesses in Pendle (warning: large file!) - take a look at the Empress Mills site; one of the few e-commerce sites in Pendle.
  4. Link to Foulridge Tea Rooms on the Foulridge page.
  5. Three more sites in the webring queue - just a reminder that this is only the 1st stage of the process, please include the code on your page(s) and notify us.  Thanx.

17 March 1999

  1. We are now listed in the Mozilla Open Directory and we encourage you to use this resource to search the Net - see our updated search page.

16 March 1999

  1. Internet Today News & Views: A net full of Beenz, UK E-Tax returns on the horizon, surf the web on a pager, and Barclays Bank finally announces its free ISP.

15 March 1999

  1. You can now access Pendle.Net as a My Netscape Channel.   You can add the Pendle.Net channel to you Netscape startup page by clicking here.addNetscapechannel.gif (1535 bytes)

12 March 1999

  1. New QuickNav list navigation feature on most pages (top left margins).
  2. New member has joined the webring.  Another in the queue (awaiting code on their page).

11 March 1999

  1. Minister for Food and Livestock for Kashmir visits Pendle Young People's Theatre - pictures are here.
  2. Today on The Net: Budget 1999, Free ISPs, Free ISPs are staying, about the Phone Number changes, what your phone number spells and our "cool site of the day".
  3. Some links to Pakistan Newspapers (some in Urdu) in the Links section.

07 March 1999

  1. Today on The Net: worrying Win98 privacy issue, why genealogists are excited, EXCITEing TV ads, find out about the 1999 total eclipse and our "cool site of the day".
  2. Update to the UK Government Key Escrow nonsense from yesterday.
  3. Update to Foulridge Canal Cruises page - a link to their new web site.
  4. A brief page of the previous productions of the Pendle Civic Players.

06 March 1999

  1. Today on The Net (returns after a long break): latest E-commerce predictions, 10,900 new UK users per day!, UK government and encryption and, new feature, "cool site of the day".
  2. Update to Entertainment links.
  3. New link for an event on the Attractions On Our Doorstep page about York.
  4. New link on the Personal Links page.
  5. Information about Croquet in Pendle.

05 March 1999

  1. Pendle Young People's Theatre perform for dignitaries from Kashmir.
  2. More drama in Pendle - Pendle.Net welcomes Dawson Peters Productions.
  3. Some historical information about Pendle Civic Players (coming soon) and a special bio feature on Paul Noel Wilson - writer of "Skool Daze"
  4. More info on the Winewall page about the Inghamite Chapel.
  5. Two more sites join the Pendle Online Webring, 3 more in the queue.

02 March 1999

  1. New page allocated for links to Clubs & Societies in Pendle - some of the links have now moved there from the Social Activities links page.  A new link to the Pendle Forest Orienteers appears.
  2. New Civic Players prodcution of "Skool Daze".   Also details of their future productions and dates for readings.

01 March 1999

  1. Latest DFEE Pendle School Tables - all Pendle Primary Schools are there now.
  2. Another site has joined the webring.
  3. Contact details and some links for Gordon Prentice, MP.

26 February 1999

  1. Latest DFEE Pendle School Tables (most schools there - the rest to follow).
  2. New Attraction in Pendle added - Foulridge Canal Cruises.
  3. Another site joined the webring today, another is in the queue.  Now 8 members in the ring - go and visit their sites.
  4. New Pendle business in the business directory.
  5. At least somebody out there understands what we're trying to do!

24 February 1999

  1. Another site joined the webring today, another is in the queue.
  2. Updated "About Pendle" page and Statistics page.
  3. New weather status symbol at to-right of page (it's updated with each page refresh).
  4. Two more free ISPs - Cellnet and Eidos (Lara Croft manufacturer).

23 February 1999

  1. News of the Pendle Civic Players' new production.
  2. Updated MillShops page.
  3. Another site joined the webring.  another is in the queue.
  4. More events in the Year What's On.
  5. More info on the Barnoldswick page.
  6. Some changes to our search engine keyword & description criteria.

22 February 1999

  1. New information on most of our "On Our Doorstep" tourist sites.
  2. First viewer comment in for Pendle Civic Players' King Lear.
  3. More map changes so that we are correctly identified as "Local Info Site" on the map site.
  4. Change to the What's On calendar - now hot links to that day in the week.
  5. We officially "launched" the Pendle Online Webring today, inviting all to join - now 5 sites in the ring and several more in the queue awaiting code to be added to their site.
  6. Check out the fantastic new Blues venue in Barnoldswick!   See our link on the Blues in Pendle page and some of the exciting gigs they have lined up this year.  It's like a mini Great R&B Festival all in itself!

21 February 1999

  1. New photos and details of Marsden Park and Marsden Hall on Nelson page.
  2. New photo of King Henry's Parlour on Bracewell page
  3. Changes on the Barrowford page.
  4. Changes on the Colne Parish Church page and Colne page.
  5. Added a page and links to Bingley (Attractions On Our Doorstep).
  6. Added a link to Wheatley Lane Methodist Church and also in the "Social" section (we will have a Churches page soon!).  Also St Lukes in Brierfield.
  7. Aerial Photo of Nelson & Barrowford added to the Regional Info page.
  8. Changes to "Add a Link to Pendle.Net" page.
  9. Map Grid Referernces throughout the site (e.g. Lancashire) now link to the non-beta version of multimap.
  10. Changes to the Pendle Online Webring - allowing flexible design of link.

17 February 1999

  1. Internet News & Views Today: A new Palm Pilot (V) out soon, get your free FAX number, will Richard Branson take over the USA?, there were no refunds for Windows, and is Bill's number finally up?.

16 February 1999

  1. It's Drama Week in Pendle - some of the major drama companies here have productions on this week.
    I went to see the dress rehearsal of King Lear last night - well worth going to see!
  2. Lots more pictures on the King Lear page, also of the cast and from the dress rehearsal.
  3. The "What's New" page has now been split - 1998 entries are archived.

15 February 1999

  1. Lots of business links changed, some site address changes, some deletions.
  2. What's On This Year deals only with 1999, 1998 data has been archived.
  3. What's on this week updated.
  4. Magazine added to Local News Media sites.
  5. Corrections and additions to Wallace Hartley and Colne Parish Church

14 February 1999

  1. More info on the Barrowford page.
  2. Additional local business site added.

12 February 1999

  1. Internet Today: Net Ice Cream and DTI Small Business E-Commerce grants.
  2. Not much happening today - the world's waiting to see Bill Clinton be acquitted.   (And he was!)

11 February 1999

  1. We started the Pendle Online Webring today.  Anyone interested in joining their site to this ring please see our Webring page.

10 February 1999

  1. Internet News (and views) Today: More Free ISPs (as mentioned yesterday), the world's smallest web server, and we get a stern warning about those Teletubbies.
  2. We've been gradually gathering momentum for an Online International Anton Bruckner site - anyone interested hop on over to

09 February 1999

  1. Internet News (and views) Today: more coming soon.
  2. Two more ISPs go FREE today! - BT's ClickFree and LineOne.   EasyNet may follow soon.  See our list of FREE ISPs.
  3. More information about Pendle Hippodrome Youth Theatre.

08 February 1999

  1. Internet News (and views) Today: Tribute to King Hussein, Why is it so hard to find a valid yardstick for measuring Web
    , here's a wakeup call for UK retailers, and see who's polluting the environment near you!
  2. More details and changes on Civic Players pages: cast list for  "King Lear")
  3. We are about launch our Restaurant Reviews pages.   Anyone wanting to write a review please email
  4. Two new sections in the main index (top of this page): Feature Spotlight and Tourism

06 February 1999

  1. Internet News (and views) Today: How not to impress customers, Communication is most important, so you thought it was all new eh, and finally, what effect does celery have on elastic?
  2. More details and changes on Civic Players pages, with some more pictures from their rehearsals of "King Lear")
  3. The Lancs Webring is now alive!  Go and check out some other sites in Lancashire.
  4. Tomorrow in Internet News (and views)... "Why is it so hard to find a valid yardstick for measuring Web

05 February 1999

  1. Slight redesign of front page to enhance download speed and fit better on small screens.
  2. More details and changes on Civic Players pages, with some pictures from their rehearsals of "King Lear")
  3. Changes on the PYPT pages.
  4. More events for Feb & Mar in the What's On This Year calendar.
  5. More Internet News tomorrow - including more e-commerce news and tips.

03 February 1999

  1. Please welcome Pendle Young People's Theatre to Pendle.Net!

02 February 1999

  1. Internet News TodayAmazing Hero!, PCs for £180!, European coordinated Net Strike - pays off!, another free ISP, and how to find a good hotel if you're disabled.
  2. Pendle Civic Players and their latest production, King Lear.
  3. More detail of how the Free ISPs work in our section on UK Free ISPs.

01 February 1999

  1. More information about shopping in Nelson.
  2. Change to Schools page to let you know that the Nelson & Colne College site is now alive and looks good!
  3. Pendle Civic Players site is now live watch out for more information and pictures especially about their latest production, King Lear.
  4. Change to What's On to show the Pendle Civic Players' performances.
  5. New Drama in Pendle section to the What's On Guide.
  6. More Internet News coming tomorrow.  Tesco announced their free ISP on Saturday, watch out for Barclays Bank which is due to announce a free Internet service "imminently".

30 January 1999

  1. LATEST: Tesco Online ISP is free as of today!  Could outdo Freeserve!  See our list of free online service providers.
  2. Bugsy Malone by the Pendle Hippodrome Youth Theatre, more updates.
  3. New information on the History of Lancashire (an ongoing update).
  4. Information about the Brontës and Wycoller.
  5. More information on Barrowford and Barnoldswick, Blacko, Bracewell, Brierfield, Fence, Foulridge, Higham, Nelson, Newchurch, Reedley, Roughlee, Trawden, and Winewall.
  6. Info on the British in India Museum in Colne.
  7. Watch out for information about the Civic Players and  Young People's Theatre, coming soon.
  8. Some of the links to local books were incorrect - now corrected.
  9. We're not sure if the Lancs Webring is still alive, so we will remove links to it soon if they don't respond.

27 January 1999

  1. Internet News Today:  You simply have to see this!, how to build 'trust' on a web site, and what keeps people coming back, WH Smiths e-commerce success, and finally... maybe it's not too far-fetched!
  2. Webring still not activated.
  3. More in What's On in Pendle - Bugsy Malone by the Pendle Hippodrome Youth Theatre.

26 January 1999

  1. We've had severe problems with our server, hence the lack of updates in the last day or two - apologies to all.
  2. Internet News Today:  A real Virtual War, Encryption & Human Rights, Spammers Beware!, the UK Web Charts, 2-way RIO trick, more digital films, and finally, what is the world coming to!
  3. Lots of minor changes all over the place.
  4. We now have mentions of many books about Pendle on the pages associated with them.   For example, see our Colne and Pendle Witches pages.
  5. We're now part of the Lancashire Webring - or we will be when it is activated!  Keep watching.

23 January 1999

  1. How we design this site, and try to keep usability foremost in mind.
  2. Slight change to mission statement to reflect the above.

21 January 1999

  1. Internet TodayNot using your Windows - get a refund!, the French strong encryption good news, Veronica is safe, UK Supermarkets Scan & Shop, and Spiderman on steroids?.

19 January 1999

  1. Internet Today: Made for Internet Movies - the dawn of a new era!
  2. New link on the Entertainment Links Page and new gig announcement in February.
  3. Updated links to Dining Out in Preston.

18 January 1999

  1. Internet Today: Veronica and the Big Bad Bullies, Princess of Wales New Site - much improved, Unhappy Xmas Shoppers, Online Political Activism - getting more powerful, and how Online Hotel Bookings are Booming. (Apologies for the broken links  here earlier, oops!)

17 January 1999

  1. new.gif (902 bytes) You can now easliy make a link to Pendle.Net!  See our simple, one-step, instructions and a variety of graphics you can use.

15 January 1999

  1. Finally some info (sparse as it is) about Lancashire - and a map with hot spots.
  2. A few more links dotted about the place - Links, Whalley Abbey, Online Businesses Q-T.

14 January 1999

  1. Internet Today: More MP3 devices, Net Microwave, are Oftel skint?, Online Shopping in France, and ordering a Pizza on the net in the UK!

13 January 1999

  1. Internet Today: 2000 new jobs from Dixons, New Internet PCs, Year2000 Anxiety Therapy, It's not just BT!, Metasearch is best, and Web for the Blind.

12 January 1999

  1. Internet Today: Go Network goes live, UK online usage to rocket, YaHooka!, Bugs Galore, New Job Title, 0.2% Good Service!, UK E-commerce is set to boom, and finally are Headteachers having problems?.
  2. We have reorganized the Internet News articles into months/years.  We hope to bring a full table of contents and cross-referencing at a later date.
  3. Slight redesign of the front page to show yesterday's news as well.  Look to your right!

11 January 1999

  1. Ofsted & DFEE data on all educational establishments in Pendle, and links to their sites where available.
  2. More Internet reports tomorrow.

10 January 1999

  1. Details on Mill Shops in the area.
  2. Changes to Barrowford page.
  3. Ofsted & DFEE data on educational establishments in Pendle

08 January 1999

  1. Mill Shops in the area - started.

07 January 1999

  1. See the start of our online shop - you can buy any books at prices lower than the highstreet stores here.  This is a joint venture between Amazon Books and Pendle.Net Ltd.uk_w_iaw_logo.gif (1348 bytes)
  2. We have also started a section where you can see book reviews of books mentioned on the site, or about to be.  You can contribute your own too - please.
  3. Watch out for our review of Mill Shops in the area.  Coming Soon.

06 January 1999

  1. Internet News - Just one today - UK online sales could reach £3bn by 2003.
  2. New additions to our UK Online Retailers page.
  3. uk_w_iaw_logo.gif (1348 bytes)We're also proud to be associated with Amazon Books UK - buy your books online at discount prices here!  We will soon have a page dedicated to this.

05 January 1999

  1. Internet News - Love Ewe, why you DON'T want to compete on price, the real e-commerce goldmine, and the latest version of IE4 for the Macintosh.
  2. Genealogy page added to help coordinate the many request we get for Genealogy information.
  3. Changes to Walton Lane Nursery School.
  4. Another free ISP emerges.

04 January 1999

  1. More info on Walton Lane Nursery School - including the Ofsted Report.
  2. Changes to the Barrowford page.
  3. Changes to all regional pages to speed download on slow lines.  (i.e. we removed all the graphic links at the top of each page and the sidebar graphics on the main page!)
  4. Added links to "Businesses A-D", "Businesses Q-T", "Other Pendle", "Personal" and "Sport" links pages.


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