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Rimmington - Black Bull

The food and service at the Black Bull, Rimmington, is without a doubt among the best in the land.  We travel from Huddersfield almost 50 miles just to eat here.

All the food is freshly cooked with an extensive menu to choose from, including things like local pheasant, trout, salmon, game pie and Barbary duck.  All are prepared in wonderfully flavored sauces, and at modest prices.

The whole pub is full of railway memorabilia, with large scale models of trains, boats and aircraft.


Peter Scaife, 06Mar2001.


Colne - Carlos

Carlo's at Colne is the perfect restaurant for parties and celebrations because of the buzzing atmosphere.  If you don't mind 'Happy Birthday' being sang once in a while when you are dining, ok... but be warned. However the food is the best in Italian cuisine with the best pizzas that I have ever eaten.  Service is excellent, and its popularity can mean that you have to wait 45 minutes to get a table at busy periods, but its worth it!!!

Susan Atherton, 04Mar2001


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Earby - Jade Palace


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