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Internet Story: 09 Dec 1998

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PalmPilot for Kids?

Palm Pilot Newspaper

Palm Pilot will Dominate

PalmPilot for kids?  Ever heard of a couple in California called, Donna Dubinsky and Jeff Hawkins?  Bet you never heard of them have you?  They were they original creators of the PalmPilot concept.  Now they have started a new venture, Handspring, Inc. and are working on the next version of Palm Pilot... for kids & families for about $100!  Kids could use it in school, for homework, to read e-mail or to get on the Net.  They could play games.  It could be huge.   Kids can't all have their own $2,000 laptops, but they could have their own $100 hand-helds.  "They'd be like Game Boys, only better," Hawkins says.   Kids would take them everywhere.  Teachers could use them for grading and attendance, bus drivers for keeping lists of which kids get off at what stops.  See Press Release and USA Today article.


Latest News to your Palm Pilot   Go check out David Frieslander's excellent service which daily downloads news items to your Palm Pilot.  You select the content you're interested in from a varied menu of choices, then choose your delivery method and time.  Selections cover all subject areas and, so far, news from UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Germany & France.  It's all very simply administered from the i2iUK Web Site.   This service will really come into it's own when the "wireless" Palm Pilots, mentioned a few days ago, take off!


Palm Pilot Will Dominate   According to a Sherwood Research/Gartner Group report, the Palm pilot will dominate the hand held market in the US for the next few years at least.  Even though it is estimated that the market share of Windows CE devices will jump, they are not expected to come close to the share that the Palm Pilot will achieve.

Watch out for a whole slew of new CE hand-helds appearing in the new year.

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