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Internet Story: 15 Dec 1998

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In this issue:

Samaritans Ad Campaign

Yahoo! Palm Pilot link

Shopping just booms along

Women I-junkies

Web Advertising Woes

Samaritans Shock Campaign   The Samaritans are to launch an ad campaign on TV, radio, cinema and press, to promote their helpline over Xmas & New Year.   They report a 24% rise in the number calls they receive over Christmas and the new year.  This demand has been steadily rising over the past few years.  The explicit campaign is called "Tis The Season To Be Jolly - Or Is It?" and runs for two weeks from 21st December.  It's main slogan is, "Whatever you're going through this Christmas, we'll go through it with you."  The Samaritans helpline - 0345 90 90 90 - is open 24 hours a day 365 days a year and can be reached for the price of a local call.  They can also be emailed at   See our useful contacts page for details in Pendle.


Yahoo! to "Integrate" with Palm Pilots   Yahoo! announced today that it is looking at software that will enable Palm Pilot users to synchronize their calendars and schedules using the Yahoo! portal site.  The new product, called TrueSync for Yahoo, was designed for mobile computer users in and out of the office and to help save them the trouble of duplicating dates and addresses into multiple computers.


xmasshop0.gif (13015 bytes) Online Shopping Booming, More Evidence  In a study published today, Media Metrix report that traffic to shopping sites rose by 80% in the 2nd week after Thanks Giving, compared to the week before.  As usual, figures for the UK are impossible to come by, but I suppose we'll get there sometime!  Media Metrix senior vice president Bob Ivins called the traffic figures "impressive.  "It suggests shoppers are motivated to use a mouse and a modem rather than fight crowds in malls or on Main Street," he said.   The survey found that 55 percent of online shoppers that week were women.  Toy sites saw a 146% increase and Department Stores 137%.


Women - Internet Junkies?  You always thought that an Internet Junkie was a spotted, anoraked, bespectacled, adolescent.   Think again.  According to a study released today by the University of Hereford to a British Psychological Society conference in London, people who are addicted to the internet are more likely to be thirty-something women.  Most addicts were around 30 years old, introverted and prone to depression.  However, addicts were defined as those who used the internet a lot and were very positive about it.  Somewhat of a dubious definition, IMHO!  See BBC article.

Some Links:

Virginia Tech

Pacific Graduate School of Psychology


Web Advertising Works?  Well maybe, but not for long.  They say a picture says a thousand words, so check out these graphs and the article in latest Forbes Magazine.  The type of advertising we talking about is "click through".  Never been a great fan myself, but it does have some limited use as part of an overall campaign.   For a really negative view of Web Advertising, check out what Jakob Nielsen says!

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